National Yoga Awareness Month

In today’s world stress effects on the body are undeniable. Stress affects every major organ as well as our minds and spirits. Finding ways to decompress and manage stress is a must. That is one of the reasons September is designated as National Yoga Awareness Month. Since 2008, Yoga Month has expanded into a nationally recognized awareness campaign and national observance, contributing tools to inspire health and harmony in life through yoga.“Experience is a powerful teacher,” explains Yoga Health Foundation founder Johannes R. Fisslinger, “so we decided to give people across the country the opportunity to try yoga for themselves.”

The numerous benefits of yoga include stress management, increased flexibility, relaxation, stronger muscles and connective tissue, among many others. A regular practice encourages an overall well-being that many yogis from all walks of life can attest to.

These immense health benefits of yoga have been proven countless times, yet the Yoga Health Foundation challenges people to experience yoga for themselves and share its positive physical and mental effects. Through one free week of yoga passes, National Yoga Month provides the tools for beginners to try yoga, and for experienced yogis to expand their practice.

For access to free yoga and events from over 1,800 studios across the country, visit to find a participating studio in your city. Whether just beginning or continuing a journey through yoga, Yoga Month provides the perfect opportunity to discover yoga’s simple, unique health benefits firsthand.


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